Super Mario Flash is a flash remake of the classic Super Mario Bros game; now you can play the original Super Mario Brothers straight from your browser! In this remarkably accurate Super Mario clone, you have the ability to play as either Luigi or Mario. Perhaps one of the greatest addition to this game is the level editor. Have you ever wished you could create your own Mario levels and play them? Not only can you create your own levels in Super Mario Flash, but you can share them with your friends by sharing your unique level code! Super Mario Flash utilizes the keyboard only. Simply use the arrow keys to move, the Up arrow to jump, and spacebar to shoot a fireball (after you have picked up a Fire Flower of course). We hope you enjoy this remake as much as we have. How far have you gotten without dying? Let us know if you beat it in the comments below.
Thanks to our friends at SilverGames and Scumlabs for your support! Super Mario Flash was created by Pouetpu Games.
  • Alanstnbrg

    This is almost exactly like the original game. Even the levels are relatively the same.. I’m sure a lot of time went into making this game. Thanks for sharing

  • Jeremymaude

    this is fun

  • McLeod

    this is a cool game i always get to level four then i loose all my lives

  • McLeod

    this games is cool

  • Switzeljoyd


  • Pugalia Shubham

    very nice game woooooooooooooo!

  • Ayshi_awan

    very nice game i love it…………… ever my favrt :D

  • Sally

    found a cheat for this game, to unlock 50 lives and unlock all of the levels, hold down the c and h keys then click the options menu, then just select 50 lives and unlock all level :D

    • Hannah-angel1997

      IT ACTUALLY WORKS! Thank you so much! I would of never beat the game without that cheat!

  • rachita

    awesome game, but how do i killer the bomber guy on level 6?

  • Rubbendennis

    cool… this is the only good free mario game that you can play online that doesnt suck lol. looks just like the original!!!

  • Reetu

    stupid gaaaaammmmmmmmmmmeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Danf562

    I give it a 3 out of 5.

  • Winadharma

    Seems just like the original. Looks like I finally a good Super Mario flash clone that doesn’t look and sound like garbage

  • Hejka01

    has anyone beat it yet????

  • Anmolkj

    pretty difficult for Mario, I dying. whats the farthest you guys have gotten?

  • Danielmarron

    pretty nice remake, this game takes me back

  • Kimi Ollikainen

    awesome!!!!! i have been looking for a good mario flash game forever. playing as luigi is a good addition too

  • shahab AH

    got to world 7, world 8 is freakin hard…

  • Andrew Filkins

    Super Mario Flash rocks and so does Nintendo

  • Martinezkaren57

    You people have some weird names

  • Guest

    this is just like the original game

  • Mario

    Super maio flash is a great game but at the bowser’s castle 1# it sucks!

    • Hannah-angel1997

      You have to dodge his fireballs, and run to the back of the room, and jump over to where the battle axe is, and stand on it….. Then the platform where bowser is standing will fall and you will continue on to the next level, the forest :)

  • Luckplaygamebattles

    this game would be better if there were more than only 6 levels


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